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For Jolene Brewster, the opening of a bricks and mortar location is an exciting newchapter, and a culmination of years selling organic teas at farmer’s markets andonline since 2005.Located on Banff's newly-renovated Bear Street, Jolene's Tea House is nestled inthe heart of the action amid art galleries, charming boutiques, cozy cafés, astate-of-the-art brewery and old-fashioned mom ’n pop shops.Honouring the history of tea houses in the Canadian Rockies, the Tea House is oneof Banff’s most historic buildings, the Old Crag Cabin, which was built in 1890. The700 sq. ft log cabin features high ceilings, locally-made treasures and over 60 varieties of tea to charm and excite all five senses.

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Jolene Brewster

Jolene Brewster began blending and selling tea in 2005 - fueled by her uncompromising quest to deliver blends rich in flavour, high in quality with benefits to gut and mindful health. Growing up on a farm in rural Alberta, the tradition of tea was a wonderful memory from Jolene’s childhood. Whenever visitors would stop by, her mother would always put the kettle on, retrieve her beautiful tea cups, and gather together tea and conversation. This simple ceremony was a great pleasure of Jolene’s that sparked a life-long love of tea. Ecology and nature is also an important part of Jolene’s life and core values of the company. Her degree in Land Resource Management is top of mind in developing products healthful for both people and the planet. Her entrepreneurial spirit is dedicated to a deep-rooted health and happiness. Outside the tea house, Jolene is an avid equestrian (her Stampede Queen saddle is proudly displayed in the tea house), an outdoor adventurer, and a mother.


Our process

For over 16 years, Jolene has curated the finest ingredients from around the world.100’s of organic teas, herbs, botanicals and spices are sourced from organic farms incountries including Japan, India, China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Sri Lanka while,spices, herbs and botanicals are sourced from countries, including Africa, SouthAmerica, Asia, and North America, often depending on season and terroir.All are hand-blended and combinations range from classic favourites like CreamyEarl Grey, to health-inspired, caffeine-free herbal blends like Wild BlueberryRooibos and Daily Detox, to the most exclusive shade-grown, hand-picked Japanesegreen teas.

Bestselling Classics

Creamy Earl Grey

A luxurious take on the much enjoyed English classic withsmooth vanilla overtones.

Banff Breakfast:
This premium orange pekoe breakfast tea is malty, andsmooth with just a hint of sweetness.

Alpine Peppermint:
These mint leaves and flowers are harvested in a valleywith the perfect elevation and humidity to give these herbs incomparablestrength and freshness of flavour.


Unique Blends

Filled with rich red antioxidants, our blend of SouthAfrican Rooibos and beautiful blue, wild, dried blueberries is a perfectbalance.

Sacred herbs white pine, sage, and sweetgrass are ethicallywildcrafted by First Nations in Canada. These herbs are traditionally used tobless us with a healing sense of communion, tranquility, and focus.

Alberta Rose Sencha:
Alberta wild rose bushes are the first signs of earlysummer and their abundance throughout Banff National Park were thesource of inspiration for this blend


Health Focused Blends

This is a naturally sweet and soothing yet powerful blend ofsupporting herbs for every woman.

Daily Detox:
Filled with healing herbs that detoxify in a very gentle way andwill support your journey towards an improved well being.

This blend of calming herbs aims to relax you in the evening bybalancing emotions, aiding in digestion, and promoting a long deep sleep fora peaceful night ahead.



Hospitality partners

For many years Jolene was focused on wholesale and developing partnerships withrestaurants, backcountry lodges and hotels, destination venues, and retailersthroughout the Canadian Rockies, Alberta and BC.Find Jolene’s Tea House products at the following properties:

● Banff Hospitality Collective restaurants in Banff, including The BisonRestaurant, Three Bears Brewing, Park Distillery, Hello Sunshine

● Pursuit Destination Experiences, including the Banff Gondola, LakeMinnewanka, Columbia Icefields, Maligne Lake

● Baker Creek Resort, Banff Park Lodge, Pyramid Lake Resort, and other hotels

● Backcountry lodges including all Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH) resorts,Skoki Lodge, Mount Assiniboine, Talus Lodge

● Concord Group restaurants in Calgary including Bridgette Bar, Lulu Bar

About Banff Cocktail Crawl

Tea tunes playlist

Alberta-based media, VIPs and influencers were welcomed to visit Jolene’s TeaHouse in Fall 2021 for a tea tasting and a Bear Street Cocktail Crawl showcasingtea-based cocktails offered at partner properties. In exchange, guests were askedto curate a Spotify playlist of music to accompany their tea time.

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