Monday - Thursday: 10:30-7:30 | Friday - Sunday: 10 - 8.30pm

Our Story



Locally-owned and operated by Jolene Brewster, Jolene's Tea House has been hand-blending organic teas in Banff National Park since 2005. Her vision is to share the majestic beauty of the mountains we love through the simple, genuine experience of tea.  

We are continuously curating the finest, organically-grown ingredients from around the world, including hand-picked tea leaves, fresh spices, and local herbs. We blend these in small batches in our Banff studio to create over 60 fresh, flavourful tea varieties: from everyone’s classic favourites, to health-inspired herbal blends, to the most exclusive shade-grown, hand-picked Japanese green teas. 

Jolene recalls her inspiration for starting the company: "I grew up on a farm in rural Alberta and the tradition of tea is a wonderful memory from my childhood. Our home, like most households of that time, had a hutch where we stored our special china sets and crystal glassware. When family and neighbours stopped in for a visit, my mother would always put the kettle on, retrieve our beautiful china cups, and we’d gather in a room reserved purely for tea and conversation. This simple ceremony was a great pleasure of mine, and it sparked my life-long passion for tea.” 

Jolene has deep roots in Western Canada, and Banff in particular. Jolene’s family has played an integral role in the growth and development of Banff and Jasper since the early 1900s. What first began as a guiding company expanded into a series of successful hospitality operations. Jolene herself feels a deep commitment to this place, and to the environment that surrounds it. We hope that passion comes through in every cup.
Inspired by the mountains.  Hand-blended in small batches.  A taste of Banff in every cup.